How to choose eczema-friendly clothing (2)

How to choose eczema-friendly clothing (2)

There are many clothing products claimed to be suitable for people with eczema and other skin conditions out there in the market. They are made from organic cotton, fabrics with additive of zinc oxides, wet wrap. sericni-free silk, bamboo vicose, ,and more.


 How can we tell the genuinely eczema-friendly ones from the others? Compared to the plastic-based fabrics, are plant-based fabrics tantamount  to skin-friendly options?  Here are some tips for you: 

  1. Silk is not an ideal eczema-friendly fabric.

Silk itself is slightly acidic and has a smooth texture, making it a relatively eczema-friendly choice, but silk clothes have their limitations, it is not warm, and it cannot keep out the cold in winter. Silk also has a poor perspiration wicking function. Fabrics that allow moisture to remain on the skin surface are detrimental to eczema management, because sweaty clothes are not only sticky, but also promote the growth of bad bacteria and aggravate inflammation.

Silk and bamboo fabrics are generally considered comfortable mainly because they are thin enough to  feel cool and breathable. The weakness of silk clothing is that it is easy to perish, and it is costly.


  1. Laundry is part of eczema management

Some eczema patients do enough moisturizing and medication, but the skin condition still does not improve. Problems may lie in the materials and washing of the laundry.

Is the fabric made of natural plant fibers necessarily healthier? This is a common misconception. Cotton, silk and bamboo fiber clothing are easy to absorb the molecules of laundry detergent which is generally alkaline. The detergent residue will cause the skin to become alkaline after coming into contact with the oil and water of the human skin. The optimal pH level of our skin is 5.5, mildly acidic. When the pH level of the skin is out of balance, it means that the skin's natural barrier is damaged.

When washing clothes, choose a detergent with a more natural composition and repeat the rinsing process with clean water to help reduce the residue of detergent in the clothes.


  1. Understand how the claimed function of eczema clothing work

Some fabrics claimed to have moistening and skin soothing functions mainly rely on the addition of zinc oxide to relieve eczema symptoms. The additives will fall off during the washing process and lose its function gradually.

Eczewear responds to the above questions one by one, sin an attempt to help people wear healthy.

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