How to choose eczema-friendly clothing (1)

How to choose eczema-friendly clothing (1)

Our team has been actively participating in exhibitions and markets lately, hoping to promote Comfiknit's textile innovation - eczema-friendly clothing. A mother, who visited the Eczewear booth at an exhibition, told us happily, "It's great that I don't have to order from abroad anymore, I can buy eczema clothing items made of natural materials locally."


 User: Impressive cooling effect and comfortability

Her son has had severe eczema since birth and suffered from unbearable itchinga and wounds from scratching all over his body. The doctor recommended the mother to buy a silk underwear (which is sericin-free) specially made for eczema and sensitive skin for her son. The son has got his symptoms improved after using it, and the itching and discomfort in the joints were relieved. However, the silk fabric is so thin that the clothes will be torn after a few weeks of wearing, and the clothes is costly and is not available in Hong Kong. So the mother spent three to four thousand dollars a month to buy the silk clothes for the benefit of her son’s eczema management.


Two days after the mother bought an Eczewer set from us, she came to us with her son. The 12 years old boy Pop said: "I tried on Eczewear sleepwear last night and I felt very comfortable and I slept tight til the morning. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night for itchiness. I was so comfortable that I didn't want to get up from my bed."

He said that the silk clothes he wore before would have a sticky feeling, especially after taking a shower with moisturizing cream on the skin, while he did not find the same problem with Eczewear “It feels so refreshing. The cooling effect of the sleepwear is superb. That made me think that there is a fan turned on in the bedroom.”.


Seeing the smiles on the faces of the mother and son, we were all very thankful and encouraged.


Clothing is part of eczema management

We have seen and heard a lot about the physical and mental distress caused by eczema and sensitive skin to patients and their caregivers. According to the survey results released by the AD Concern Group in 2023, more than 65% of the eczema patients surveyed believed that their treatment is ineffective, and 70% hoped to quickly reduce the itching and burning sensation of the skin. Half wanted to improve sleep and mental health.


Eczewear is committed to providing natural, long-lasting and affordable solutions. The children with eczema who have tried it unanimously said that Eczewear clothes have a moisturising effect, so that they can use less moisturiser, and the itching is also significantly reduced. They found it more comfortable to scratch through the clothes  that they found smooth and breathable, compared with

scratching their bodies.


The function comes from human body, not the clothes

Eczewear is the result of years of research and development on fabric innovation in Comfiknit,


The function of the fabric used in Eczewear products comes from the unique fabric structure and the arrangement of materials. They work to create an optimal environment between the skin and the textile, including temperature, humidity, pH values and microbiome. Facilitating the skin to perform its innate functions effectively --- moisturising, repairing, sweating to regulate body temperatures and acting as a natural barrier.


The key to managing eczema and skin conditions is a proper sweat management strategy. The skin is covered with clothing for most of the day, and the impact of clothing on skin health and perspiration cannot be ignored.


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